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First 40 PvE Dungeon Clear!
Nov 24, 08 4:14 PM
Guild Transfer - Darklands!!
Nov 1, 08 3:51 PM
End Game
Oct 29, 08 3:29 PM
Mount Gunbad is badass!!!
Oct 7, 08 5:41 AM
All Ideas Welcome!!
Oct 5, 08 1:05 AM
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Welcome to the Reclamation Guild Website!

Reclamation is a Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning Guild. We are a Destruction Guild based on the Oceanic server Darklands.

We were founded on the second day of early-access on the Lucan, and were the second oldest guild on the server, as well as one of the largest. Unfortunately we had to transfer off Lucan and are now based on Darklands. Hope to see all the members over there soon.

We are a casual guild aiming at end game RvR.

Destroy, Kill & Conquer!!!


First 40 PvE Dungeon Clear!

Mejreclamation, Nov 24, 08 4:14 PM.
A bunch of us started our PvE foray into end-game last night and tackled the Bloodwraught Enclave in the Inevitable City. Were pleased to say that we cleared the whole instance with no wipes! And we even got some decent loot!

We started Bilerot but the trash knocked us around a bit until some of us had to leave. Please register with the forums and get involved! We want to take everyone through there eventually.

Guild Transfer - Darklands!!

Mejreclamation, Nov 1, 08 3:51 PM.
Hey All,

Just to let everyone know I have transferred the guild over to the oceanic server Darklands. I have the same name and same guild name, look me up over the for a guild reinvite, time to start war a new.

Thanks to everyone on Lucan, was a great time while it lasted.


End Game

Mejreclamation, Oct 29, 08 3:29 PM.
Hey All,

Just to let everyone know, end game T4 RvR is begging to happen. We already have control of one zone in GS and have pushed towards an order city. A lot of oRvR is going on in most zones and scenarios are begging to pop.

Not only that but there are a lot of dungeons in T4 which contain all of the games armour sets. The first of these is Bastion Stairs which requires a grp of lvl33-35 players. So if you are still in T3 I would advise you to push through to T4, lot better exp an rewards.

Altdorf here we come!


Mount Gunbad is badass!!!

539980480_Inactive, Oct 7, 08 5:41 AM.
Hey Guys,

Tonight a few of us (Mej, Kil, Custom, Sickem and I) had our first look at Mount Gunbad.. and let me just say.. its freak'n HUGE!!!! Crazy crazy instance, full of phat lootz and insane xp (over 10,000 for alot of the quests). Prob need to be 24+ to get by in there, and you must have two healers.

This, boys and girls, is gonna be one great place to twink yourself out.

We will be arranging more trips there in the near future, make sure you keep an eye on the event planner and calander ingame.


All Ideas Welcome!!

539980480_Inactive, Oct 5, 08 1:05 AM.
Hey Guys,

If anyone has any idea about what should be put on this website, shoot me an email or in-game message.

This also goes for any content that ppl want to write or put up themselves.


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